"The structure of a music school with a personal touch" 

Brief Summary:  

Joey teaches up to college level jazz, improvisation / pop, and beginning - intermediate classical, in addition to basic technique to beginners.  He has taught all ages, from 4 to adult.  

The Problem:  

Students don't like to practice!   Piano seems like a chore.   They try everything, instructional videos or books.  They try lessons with a teacher but the materials seem too challenging.   Some quit, some never quite get the satisfaction they want out of the instrument, and some simply wish things were different.   

The Solution:

Lessons don't have to be that way.   Piano doesn't have to be that way.   There is an easier way.  The solution is to make lessons manageable.  To cover all materials during the lesson so practicing is simply REINFORCING what has already been learned.   Nothing new has to be covered at home.   Everything is easily laid out by the instructor.  This is how we can make piano a part of our lives.  This is how piano can be something fun, meaningful, and something we look forward to every week.  



Skype Lessons 

  I offer Skype lessons for students who aren't located in Westchester, or CT.    Typically these are reserved for those interested in Jazz piano, theory, composition, or chordal playing.    Visit the contact page to inquire about rates.