"Joey is a very patient and flexible teacher – key attributes to making piano lessons fun and interesting for students.  My daughter, 8 years old, has made tremendous progress learning piano with Joey and with each session, she grows in skills, competency, and confidence. The pieces she practices are a great motivator, and as a parent, I appreciate Joey’s ongoing communications and updates to me regarding my child’s progress and the “whys and how’s” of the next learning steps.  This has been a very positive experience for our family and I am glad we found Joey."  - Pam F


"As an intermediate/advanced jazz player, it's been hard for me to find a good teacher that can articulate well what I need to do to reach the next level. I met Joey through a jazz facebook group that we both belong to, and I started taking lessons from him soon after. The lessons were run very efficiently and had a great balance of theory as well as actionable practice & performance tips. To this day, I have never felt more confident in my vocabulary and practice routine, all thanks to Joey!" -  Kenny N (Skype Student)

“I highly recommend Joey Lieber for piano lessons for your children. After just 8 lessons, my daughter has progressed from a total beginner to playing full melodies and uses both hands and the pedal. Because Joey uses songs that my daughter knows and likes (from Katy Perry to the Beatles) we don't have to cover our ears when she practices! Joey's style has allowed her to progress quickly, so she is very engaged and she loves to practice. Joey is thorough and punctual, and takes great care in including the parents in the process.” - Jill S


“After his first lesson, my son said "that was the most fun lesson I have ever had." He went from two years of lessons with no overarching understanding of the instrument to a few weeks with Joey and understanding what notes to play and when because the melody makes sense. Joey is enthusiastic and encouraging and gets even 8 year old boys feeling similarly.“ - Marjorie M


“When I started Lessons I was a complete beginner, with a vague idea of where I wanted to go. In just a few weeks Joey had me playing chords, learning right and left hand patterns and reading through charts of my favorite songs.” - Matt F

"Joey and I meet one to two times a week for Skype lessons. We spend time going over new songs that I write, and Joey helps me with jazz harmony, voicing, and making my music better. Sometimes, even the smallest changes offer the most effective results!" - Sophie (Skype Student)