Why Youtube Can Be Perfect For Piano Lessons

youtube piano lessons

I used to REALLY hate youtube tutorials for students.

I thought they were not learning music, a waste of time, not learning something correctly.

Until I realized I could look at them a different way.

Recently, I had a highschooler come to me with Bohemian Rhapsody learned from a youtube tutorial, playing beautifully, and then suddenly it clicked.

What if youtube laid the foundation for student and teacher. What if it was simply transcription.

Me and this highschooler first took a pencil and paper and mapped out the entire chord sequence of the tune he had just "transcribed."

Then we analyzed the patterns, structures, and harmonic relationships.

Then he wrote out the entire tune in proper lead sheet form with chords.

And all of a sudden the tune went beyond simply playing from youtube, to actual understanding.

The following week we did 2 more tunes. Both learned from youtube. With full harmonic analysis. All of a sudden his chordal understanding started to sky rocket. His theory improved in leaps and bounds.

When youtube was approached as transcription, we could use our lessons as connecting harmony, context, and understanding.

Online tools when used as a means for understanding can empower and inspire. It's amazing when we help a student to feel that sense of ownership and inspiration.