The Best Way to Inspire Kids, Is To Be Inspired

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The best way to inspire kids, I’ve found is to be inspired.

When I started teaching, I had a lot of frustration. Frustration towards not only parents, but also students. I had frustration about things like: boundary violations, not practicing, lack of “respect”, apathy, not to mention I struggled running the business end of things and list goes on.

In short, I was unhappy.

It’s really hard to inspire a child when you’re unhappy. “Fake it till you make it” is great until a child is sitting there in front of you asking you to help them experience joy and you are sitting there not experiencing it yourself.

Throughout my twenties, I learned a lot. I made a lot of mistakes, I studied a lot, I grew, and my mindset shifted.

When I turned 30, I made a list of how my mindset shifted.

Here’s the list:


1. Learn to love failure. Eat failure for breakfast lunch and dinner. Failure is your best friend. From failure comes growth.

2. The answer to eliminating most pain from your life is being someone of love and kindness.

3. Never assume.

4. Drop fear. Get rid of it. Most fear is nonsense. Fear holds you back. Most fear is irrational. Step into your power.

5. Constantly challenge your truth. Never get comfortable with what you feel is right or wrong. Constantly be searching for more answers. Challenge your status quo.

6. Always ask questions. Dig for more information. Go for more. Dig deeper. Challenge yourself to go past the surface.

7. Love yourself. Love your body. Never compromise it for anything or anyone. Your health comes first.

8. Money is a tool. Money is not success. Money is a tool to live a type life we want, but it does not define us. What defines us is our actions and how we treat others.

9. Empathy mindset is a much more constructive mindset than a judgemental one.

10. Do not define your self worth on what others think of you. The most important persons respect you need to earn, is your own.


In my life, the way I’ve learned to inspire a child, is not through rewards, not through incentives, not through externalities, but by being inspired myself and helping them through their own process.

Inspiring a child i’ve found, is passing along my own inspiration. It was through being inspired, that I could teach inspiration.

Hope that means something for you,

- Joey